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The New SITARA Devices AM335X
and expand its portfolio of industry-leading
ARM microprocessors (MPUs) with six new
AM335x devices that deliver new levels
of integration at very low price points. The
AM335x ARM MPUs offer the highest DMIPs
per dollar while delivering optional 3D
graphics acceleration and key peripherals.
The combination of graphics and connectivity
support makes this solution ideal for portable
navigation systems, handheld gaming devices,
education and home/building automation
solutions. The AM335x ARM MPU includes
support for a robust set of software solutions.
Software development kits are
available for free download
on ti.com for Linux, Android
and Windows Embedded.
Additionally, the AM335x ARM
MPU takes advantage of TIs
StarterWare software suite, a
development environment that
does not require an operating
system, to further simplify
by making it
similar to that of an MCU.

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