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TPS2459 - 3V / 12V Hot Swap and ORing Controller with I2C
TPS2459 - 3V / 12V Hot Swap and ORing Controller with I2C
The TPS2459 hot-plug controller performs all necessary power interface functions for an AdvancedMC™ (Advanced Mezzanine Card). A fully integrated 3.3 V channel provides inrush control, over-current protection, and FET ORing. A 12 V channel provides the same functions using external FETs and sense resistors. The 3.3 V currentlimit is factory set to AdvancedMC compliant levels while the 12 V current limit is programmed using external sense resistors.
Also newly released:
TPS2458: 12V / 3.3V Hot Swap and ORing Controller with Load Current Monitor for AdvancedMC™
The TPS2458 is also a single slot xTCA controller and uses external components and dedicated pins to configure the current thresholds, voltage rail dependencies, and other items.
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